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Credit Natalie Nigito Photography

Contemporary abstract paintings created from a place of joy

I hope that my works, inspired by the power and mystery of nature and my meditation practices, will bring you serenity or playfulness every day.

My process is best explained by the Taoist concept of "wu wei", which translates as "doing without doing" – action arises from an empty mind without preconception or agenda. This approach often means going through chaos while I create harmony with layers, patterns, space, colors, sanding, scratching, texture, removing, and motion.  (Read more about the artwork and my journey)


What is very important for me is when I work without working….
when I walk, when I do nothing, when I eat."   Joan Miro


Original works have a touchable quality which sets them apart and brings richness and personality to your living space. 

I look forward to keeping you informed of my art journey with occasional news from the studio and upcoming exhibitions. Be the first to get access to the release of new paintings to my website.


Follow my journey on Instagram where I will show you my process, paintings in progress and newly finished works before they are released to my website.


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