My process is best explained by the Taoist concept of "wu wei", which translates as "doing without doing" – action arises from an empty mind without preconception or agenda. This approach often means going through chaos to create harmony with patterns, space, vibrant colors, and motion. As my composition develops more consciously, it remains based on spontaneity, intuitive awareness, and a sharp focus on the initial moment or feeling. A work can start with colors and/or patterns, or an interesting shape without knowing where it will go.  The process becomes a fascinating journey of discovery. 

Open Studios at Brickbottom Artists Association.              Nov. 23- 24 2019

Mary Schein Fall Salon - Group show, Kathryn Schultz Gallery  Sep. 5 - 25 2019

Silber Way Arts Exhibition at Boston University                         2019 - 2020   

Brickbottom Artists Gallery - Group show

July 11 - August 17 2019   

SPECTRUM - Group show, University Place Gallery, Cambridge Arts Association

 July 9 - August 24 2019   

Brickbottom Artists Gallery - Group show

                      April 18 - May 18 2019

Lembu Short Path Artshow - Feb.2019

Open Studios at Brickbottom Artists Association -                  Nov. 2018 

Crepeberry Cafe -           Sep. 2018

Cube Art Fair -               Nov. 2016

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