Giliane Bader

Watertown, Massachusetts


Phone: 857-228-8240

I am a self-taught artist who pursued art classes until 16 then chose to explore art without constraints, going with the flow.  Observation – through photography, and pattern or system analysis – was a common thread in my various pursuits.  After a forty-year hiatus, I am back full time as a creative artist since 2018.


Born in the Sahara, starting schooling in Germany, I traveled back to my native country as a civil war emerged.  Back to France, a few years later, along with many refugees, I welcomed my family’s relocation to Tahiti a year later.  This was a time of healing and reconnection with nature.  After traveling on my own to Africa, Turkey, Egypt, West French Indies, I settled in Boston, Massachusetts, tucked between the Charles River and Atlantic Ocean. 


Growing-up, I developed a visceral bond to the lands surrounding me – crabbing in the Mediterranean, watching tropical fishes fluttering around corals in the Tahitian lagoon, swimming in the Congo River or exploring a copper mine in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Drawn to Eastern philosophies since my stay in Tahiti, I became a practitioner of various Chinese martial arts.  


My sensitivity to nature along with my meditation practices are my source of inspiration.  The fauna and flora, colors, patterns and light qualities I encountered in Africa, the Mediterranean and Tahiti flow surreptitiously throughout my work.  

2010 - present
2010 - present